Sigeric the Serious: Via Francigena, Sce Flaviane (Montefiascone), Circa 990 AD

Submansio VII – Sce Flaviane

Inside the church of San Flaviano in Montefiascone, there are many frescoes, and there is also the tomb stone of a German bishop named Johannes Fugger. The legend says that Johannes had sent a servant ahead of him on the way to Rome in order to make notice of taverns with excellent wines, and to write “Est!” (meaning :there is!) on the door whenever that was the case. When he arrived in Montefiascone, the servant found the white wine so delicious and refreshing that he wrote the words Est! Est!! Est!!! on the door of a tavern. The bishop agreed with the servant, and settled in the small town of Montefiascone until his death in 1113.  Funnily, the epitaph on his tomb says: Est est est pr(opter) nim(ium) est hic Jo(hannes) de Fu(kris) do(minus) meus mortuus est. (“It is here that, to have drinken too much Est, died my master Johannes de Fukris.)

It is strongly possible that Sigeric the Serious had a taste of the famed wine while he stayed in Montefiascone.


Inside of the church of San Flaviano di Montefiascone


Label for the Montefiascone wine


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