Sigeric the Serious: Via Francigena, Sce Peter Currant, Circa 990 AD

The location defined by Sigeric the Serious as Sce Peter Currant was located between the Val d’Elsa and Val d’Egola. The twenty-first stage of Sigeric’s return journey from Rome is known today as the pieve of St Peter and Paul. Early christian communities have identified a lot with these two figures : Peter , the first Pope and Paul, the apostle of the Gentiles.


Peter and Paul, mosaic from Ravenna, 5th century A.D.

Today, in order to certify the completion of the pilgrimage, each pilgrim must obtain the testimonium. Pilgrims need to have walked at least from Acquapendente (140km) or for pilgrims with bicycles, they need to have started at least from Lucca (248 miles). Once arrived at the Vatican, the pilgrims go through the gate called Entrance of the Petria Testimonium Peregrinationis ad Limina Petrino and present their “pilgrim passport” on which they have collected stamps from hostels, hospices, etc… They receive in exchange a testimonium certificate.


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