Sigeric the Serious: Via Francigena, Aguilla (Aulla), Circa 990 AD

Submansio XXX – Aguilla

saint_caprais_statue02_pBack to Tuscany!  The village Aguilla (ancient Aulla) was founded in the 8th century, by Margrave of Tuscany Adalbert I, House Boniface, to accommodate pilgrims traveling the via Francigena. The Abbey of San Caprasio, constructed around the same period, was named after Saint Caprasius of Lérins, whose body was transferred to Aulla in the 10th century. Saint Caprasius (Caprais in french) died 430, and was a hermit who originally lived in Lérins, in Provence, near Cannes.

Just outside of Aulla, one can admire the fortess of Brunella, built during the Renaissance. The fortress was most likely a powerful military tool due to its strategic position by the Apennine passes. It is today a museum of natural history, the museo di storia naturale della Lunigiana, and a botanical garden featuring plant species typical of the area. 


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