Sigeric the Serious: Via Francigena, Sca Agatha (Santhià), Circa 990 AD

Submansio XLIV – Sca Agatha

There had been a pieve of Saint Agatha in Santhià since the 9th century. A century later, the romanesque collegiate church of Saint Agatha was already standing. In the 12th century, however, despite large sums donated by the Bishop of Uguccione, the collegiate falls into a deep crisis.  The romanesque building is then renovated by Giuseppe Talucchi (1782-1863) in the 19th century which explains its current neoclassical style. litografia2.jpg

Also of interest, Santhià hosts an annual carnival since the 14th century! It is known as the Carnevale Storico di Santhià and is probably the oldest carnival in Piedmont.


Large carnival float in Santhia,


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